Tuesday 15 December 2020

Kings of the Monster


I'm still doing catch-up on cards acquired before and during my hiatus. Here's some group break cards from a Monster break conducted by the LCS. The Kings were reasonably priced in this, so I decided to take the chance with them to see if I'd land a nice Gretzky auto. That didn't quite work out, but there were some nice cards anyhow.

Here's a base card sampler. 
Ice was one of the more active card adders in the break, with this pair of parallels from this year's release.

Along with a couple more numbered base cards from the previous year. As with many of their products, the higher thought of the player is. As of now, Anderson-Dolan has spent a handful of games in the league, but Wagner is over the 100 game mark already. So far, not so accurate.

The last of the lower-end cards is this dual relic of Justin Williams. He hung up the skates after this past season after a trio of Stanley Cup victories.

First up from the higher-end product is this base card of Anze Kopitar. At least with the Kings, all the silver in the design tends to go with the uniform perfectly.

And speaking of silver...

Yes, that's a very silver card out of stature. It might not have the best signature, but this was the only autograph I acquired in the break, and you have a bonus of a pretty nice swatch. That silver on a Kings swatches feel like getting the gold on a Senators swatch, as you get one of the more memorable parts of the jersey design.
Continuing through the acquisitions, here's a nicely low numbered card out of the super-mega-ultra high-end release "The Cup". While it isn't of a more known player, at least his last activity was still on this side of the Atlantic.
You can't get much lower-numbered than a printing plate. Even if there's a major error on it. The frame lists this as a Rookie Masterpieces card. Masterpieces might be accurate, but Rookie sure isn't. This is the plate used in creating Drew Doughty's card from 18-19 card from The Cup. His NHL experience had reached double-digits by this point. Looking at COMC, it looks like all of the plates used for veterans in the Cup base set had that Rookie Masterpieces label on it, so it isn't that unique among the set. 
One last card, and it is interesting for me in more ways than one. While you do have the giant slivers taken from the sticks from a pair of Hall of Famers, one of whom was a Kitchener Rangers alum, this isn't the first card that Blake and Robinson have shared. They were also together on one of those Idols cards from the 90s. They meet again!

But there's one more think to show off. There was a random at the end for some boxes, and I got a pretty nice one out of the deal:

Fresh off the presses! (At the time). I'll cover that next post.


  1. i was a big fan of blake during his first run with the kings. that is a great card of him and larry robinson.

  2. You might not have landed a Gretzky autograph... but you sure landed some sweet hits.