Tuesday 19 May 2020

Raiding my Private Stock

One of my favourite things about the Expo is getting a chance to bust a box of cards I may never have had the chance to bust before. So, with it being a no-go, I instead picked up a box of this to go with the Titanium and Rookie Anthology I posted earlier this month.

8 packs in the box, so I'll do 4 in this post, and 4 next post. Each pack contains a relic card, 2 minis, 3 base cards, with the final one being either another base, an insert, or a parallel.

Pack 1:
There's the base card look. There's also the first parallel of the pack, with the Fleury being /100.
The back of the base cards and the parallels are the same. I'll forgive the one line of stats when the photo on the back isn't re-used from the front. I'd probably have enjoyed this more if Theo's twitter feed wasn't such a train wreck of conspiracy nonsense.
And here's the two Minis, or, PS-2002 as they're called in this.
And my first hit. Not the biggest name to get a swatch from, but it matches the photo and I admit to not having much Robert Svehla in my collection.

Pack 2:
And another /100 parallel. If the packs can be believed, these fall every nine packs, so I definitely beat the odds here in an 8 pack box. Patrick Lalime was the only Sen I would land in this.
2 more minis, with me going back-to-back with Brodeur content.
Some more veteran content on the relic, with Sydor having a cardboard career that started with draft pick cards in 1990 through to 2009, along with some post-career hits.

Pack 3:
It is a Patrick Elias hot pack!
The numbered card run continues with the minis. If it weren't for the background, I might not even have noticed this. These are toughest listed pulls in this product, as per the packaging, falling 1 every 321 packs. That Luongo is a pretty nice mask binder mini as well.
Back-to-back Dallas swatches!

Pack 4:
Another pack with 4 base cards.
And another really good mask binder card with Potvin, bringing the Cat design to Kings colours.
My final hit of the first 4 is a patch card. One colour, but a patch is a patch and it is from another player who started in the junk wax era and went well into the 00's, which might be the theme for these past 3 hits. None of the 4 hits are numbered, including the patches, but that would change with later releases.

And there you have it! 4 more packs next time!


  1. I like the first Brodeur with him shoveling snow off his driveway.

    But my vote goes to LeClair, who played for my favorite team in the only NHL game I've ever attended.

  2. This should be a fun box with 8 memorabilia cards. The first four are all decent names, so you're off to a great start. I like the look of the minis too. Great design.