Sunday 3 May 2020

2020 Adventures in Repacks: Part 19.2 - The Other One

While the Mets card lead the way in the first pack, I had to wait a couple cards in to find the Joe Orsulak. With a minor league jersey and classic Pirates caps, that's a respectable start.
Shininess highlights the second part. A derelict Gene Nelson also returns.
Well there wasn't any Greats of the Game cards in this one, the All-Time Heroes is a nice substitute to make an appearance. An Expos card too! And a sidearm photo!
Calvin? Calvin? The man is named Pokey, thank you very much.
And that is a really solid end to this - a Diamond King and a Topps Kids card back to back. And one is a Mets card as well! While this doesn't elevate it to the level of the first repack, still no complaints in the long run!

Thanks for these, Tom!


  1. Brett, Sutton and Raines (x2) are all in the HOF. Plus some other decent names as well, including OOTP legend Ross Gload. Thanks for sharing!

  2. A three-way tussle for my vote.

    The Expos Raines takes it over Brett and the Diamond Kings Ron Darling.

  3. Love the 87T Quisenberry and the Topps Kids Rock!

  4. I like the Rock Raines card. It's fantastic.