Sunday 14 July 2019

Rookie Anthology - Box 5

For the first time in the break, I've got a gold parallel to lead the way.
Here's the second prime Rookie Selection of the case. Lindholm was traded to Calgary during the previous off-season, and showed why he was picked 5th overall, going at almost a point-a-game pace on a line with Monahan and Gaudreau.
Your Score update cards. There's Elias again.
And hey, there's a black parallel! There are usually a couple of these per case.
And the Score Signatures was of a still-relevant player.
Your Prizm base. For me, only the Setoguchi was a dupe.
Although this Devin was a need.
And some extra shininess! Complete with an autograph! And a 4 colour patch to go with it! Even better, this card is a perfect addition to my Kitchener Rangers alum collection. I'm used to only seeing one of these gold parallels in a case, but I landed two, and both of them were hits.
Another redemption. And it is another dupe redemption. Fortunately, at least this one came through the last time I entered it.
And another hit for a PC to end this box! This stick piece will be the 193rd card of Gaborik to enter the 2/14 collection, and it looks even better when paired with a photo of a retro uniform.

Two big hits for the PC make this easily the best box so far!

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