Monday 8 July 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks: Part 20: The Mystery of the Missing Serial Numbers

Part 19 of my 2019 repack adventures was almost one month ago. I'll make up for lost time with another pair of basketball hangers from Dollarama.
While I'll generally start with some of the visible cards in these, this was within. And I get to lead with a guy named Boozer. These Ultra Platinum medallions should be numbered to /100.
Oops. I guess that's how this managed to sneak its way into a repack. You can see the spot in between 'Platinum' and 'Medallion' where the serial numbering should be, but it is missing.
Do you want even lower numbered cards with missing serial numbers? Here you go!
This Anniversary Silver parallel should be numbered /25, located in the upper right of the card. Alas, it is missing as well. Did Latrell choke it away? Either way, there's the second card, hiding within the second of the two repacks, also without serial numbering.
The more traditional way I start these posts are with the visible cards among the 15. These were them, and I really like the colourful designs on the upper two cards. I really do like the Thomas, mainly because of the lack of time he ended up spending on the Denver roster.
In terms of volume junk wax came out the winner with 4 entries from 1989 Hoops. It is an anniversary year, and I kinda hope that much like with 1989 Score, Panini will honour this set's design with their 2019 Hoops release.
Runner-up was 1992 Ultra, which is always worthy of a scan.
The most interesting photograph war was an easy win for this super casual Mark Aguirre. With the extra bonus of reminding me that he did play a half season at the end of his career for the Clippers.
But even with error cards in the repack, even with some  stops with teams that you'll forget about their time with, the number one card in the repack easily goes to this. At least for me. A new card for the 2/14 collection! Pulled from a repack?! Yes, yes, and more yes! Here's card #68 of Rip for the collection, and as a lower-end base card, one I was surprised I needed.

But there you have it!


  1. Sprewell is going to be the butt end of choking jokes for the rest of his life. I think that's real punishment for choking his coach.

  2. So, I just opened a hockey 15 card pack and got two ruby parallels from different sets, which should be serial numbered (to 200 I believe). Both missing as well - Be A Player set cards, so no "SN box" like on your example, but missing just the same.

    My big question - I assume this is true, but it makes me question it - are there really only 200 cards if it was SN to 200, or did they catch to ensure 200 are actually SN'd, and maybe some others got out like these. Again, I expect it is a case of "there are only 200, but 7 may not have the SN on them", but then again...maybe not....

  3. I wonder if both of these cards were "replacement" cards that were obtained when Fleer went out of business back in the day. If that's the case, I'd say they're still pretty rare. It's not like they're going to make 1,000 replacements for a card that was originally numbered to 100 or 25.

  4. I had the same thought as Fuji - probably replacement copies for those that complained about damaged cards. I have a few unnumbered "replacement" parallels of NJ Devils cards.

    Also, that John MacLeod Hoops card is the only non-SP I need in that set. Weird, huh?