Tuesday 29 December 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 52: 52 Repack Posts. 52 Weeks in a Year. Coincidence?

Well, probably.

My final repack post of the year goes back to the card show from before Christmas. I saw someone that had $3 repacks there. The visible cards on each side of the team bag were either relic cards, a Young Guns card, or an insert. I limited myself to one of the options, since I envisioned a pile of Pro Set cards in the middle.

I was wrong in that regards and pleasantly so.

But, I'll start with the card that made me opt for this particular team bag of goodies.
A new 2/14 relic! This is my 8th relic of Marian Gaborik in the collection, and it is now an even split between New York Rangers and Minnesota Wild relics in the binder.
And here's the other relic. Bouwmeester seems like one of those guys that has been active in the NHL for ages, but he is only 32 years old. Which makes me feel old.

And the rest of the cards?
Some inserts from 2009-10 Series 2. The Draft Day Gems was one of my favourite recent insert sets, highlighting late round draft picks that panned out. My favourite player in Daniel Alfredsson was also part of this insert set as a 6th rounder. Panini did something similar in last year's Prestige with Draft Day Standouts. Among the rest, I get a new Mike Richards for my Kitchener Rangers alumnus collection. That Toews will be heading stateside in an envelope larger than 2*3.

And the rest? Base from 2013-14 Series 2.
Since I didn't build the set this year, this actually is a rare chance for me to thumb through some of these cards. There's some nice mask binder cards, two more Rangers alum cards with another Mike Richards card (and the best photo in the group) and 1/3 of a Kadri. Plus, a new Spezza for that collection.

I wish I'd bought more than 1 of these!


  1. I wish I could buy ANY of these over the past 52 weeks.

  2. Awesome $3 spent! Of all the Hawks that had to go after a Cup win I still miss Dustin Byfuglien the most.