Monday 18 September 2023

The Finale

 Time to finally close the TMV mailer with stuff that really didn't fit into any other category.

OK, these actually could have gone with the Mets portion of the mailer.

But there were a bunch of other Piazza cards in here that needed company. I like Oakland/San Diego/Florida cards of his almost as much as Mets cards for the oddness factor.

The baseball card portion of this wraps up with this large Vlad Sr swatch. Big enough to count as truly "Super Sweet"? Yes. Yes, it is.
Here's the hockey portion of the mailer. But what a portion! Alfie Plate! WOO-HOO!

Now I've shown off quite a few cards so far. Yet all these didn't explain why this package was bulkier than most. Here's the reason this package was so large.
Because there were Pinnacle Inside tins within! 

New Cancon! New Vladdy! WOO-HOO! I love when trades go kinda outside the box like this!

Thanks for all these goodies, Dennis! As always, I'm reloading for a future mailer heading your way!

There you have it!

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