Friday 16 June 2023

The Extent of My 2023 Heritage

With the 1975 deign on tap for next year, I don't really have the desire to build the set this year. Still, why not bust at least something? I haven't busted any S1, so this should scratch my itch for some 2023 baseball content.  

I could have picked up a hanger pack or two, but let's go a little bigger with the hanger box! 
First card out! At least it wasn't a dull posed photo in front of a generic background.
It might not take me all the way back to 1974, but at least I got one throwback uniform card.
And while I don't expect a laughable airbrush job in a 2023 release, I'll settle for a laughable Photoshop job with the tiniest Red Sox cap logo around.

There was good star power in the box - and none of these names are hidden among the short prints. 

How did my PCs do?
The Mets defeated the Jays 2 to .5.
But I was happiest to see this come out. While I love adding 2/14 cards to my collection by picking them from boxes and from COMC/sportlots, there's just something nicer when I add them by pulling them out of packs. While his flagship card has an incredible photo (City Connect unis, horizontal, Green Monster scoreboard in the back), this will likely be my favourite card of his in this release year.
Insert time! The New Age Performers has somewhat of a digital theme this year with its logo and text. As with pretty much every year - they could stick around or go away. Blah.
I guess the ol' "pack with special insert contains fewer cards" came up here. I guess if I'm going to get a base relic, a bat relic with the grainy pattern (for lack of a better term), beats a plain grey swatch. McCutchen has both in this insert set this year. They're 1:37 in these boxes, so YAY?

Either way, see you next year Heritage!

There you have it!


  1. Great Cutch pickup! I hope to find some Heritage soon

  2. I do not understand Topps putting the Red Sox logo on caps like that. As far as I am aware, they have never worn a cap with the logo on it. It's always been a "B".