Thursday 18 April 2019

Delayed Gratification

When I first saw one of Juan Soto's autographs, I really liked the look of his signature. It wasn't exactly cursive, but it had a really nice design. I remember filing away in my memory bank that I wanted to add one to my penmanship collection, put kept putting it off until he made his major league debut.


So, that wasn't going to happen unless I lucked into one.

A couple weeks ago, I got into a group break that included buyback hits along with some random wax. The randomizer landed me the Braves (and no cards of note), and the Nationals.

And the latter resulted in this:
And there's my Soto-graph. This is a framed auto out of 2018 Transcendent, which was a super-ultra high end release. To get even more technical, this is a vertical purple parallel. I love how the J loops through and back around to divide the first and last name in the signature with a rare vertical positioning.


And for something nice, but much more low end, one of the random boxes of wax was 2018 Archives.
That box added the no-signature variation of Pedro Martinez to my Expos collection. Bonus!

And there you have it!


  1. That's Soto-rific! (Sorry)

  2. Cool Han Solo er Juan Soto auto. Don't you just love how "Soto Auto" flows? He and Victor Robles are making a strong case for why the Nats no longer need that "kid" Harper, but man how I miss his bat sometimes.