Sunday, 11 March 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 10.2 - Another Spring Training Repack!

The other 40 cards!
The second group starts off with a sorta shiny card of a former Blue Jay. It gets really interesting for me with the final 3 cards as the oldest card shows up with a 1982 Topps, a Mets card and a Jays card. Campusano is a Traded card as well. Bonus!
More Jays content in the second grouping, although it wasn't exactly a mint card. That gets offset by a higher end card with a Flair of Salmon and an Upper Deck card where Tim Hudson is doing...something.
There's my 3rd and my 4th 1985 Kevin Gross in this repack. All 3 of my team collections hit here. I'm still doing the zistle thing, for some reason, and that Bill Almon was my 30000th baseball entry.
More repack dupes with the Henderson and Lankford. Sheesh. Takashi Saito is a 2/14 baby, but much like the Dravecky last time, it is a dupe. That's a nice enough photo on the Ordonez and Jays card #5 of this portion.
And the end. I'm kinda surprised that an insert card with the Taylor was one of the visible card on this side. And a bunting photo! And a couple Expos! That's a nice way to wrap this up.

I'll wrap up this trip to the Dollarama with a pair of Surprise Bags in the next post.


  1. The collation on that repack was poor. Almost Topps blaster level.

    1. I've bought a few where I'll get 5 of the same card in there.. Got quite a few of the 1992 Lankford that way.